District of North Vancouver stand to together to achieve affordable housing

Canada needs a national housing plan and fast, as housing is fast becoming not only a national concern but also internationally. The district of North Vancouver has agreed to come together as one, to find long-term solutions to the ongoing housing crisis.

The council suggested a technique to make available between 600 and 1,000 reasonable rental apartments in the next ten years to come. This decision came about after the council came to an agreement after dividing 5-2 on a Crown Street residential project.

According to Councilor Roger Bassam, there was a contrast between members as some were not sure as to whether they should advocate for reasonable housing as they speak out for a ban on residential projects.

For Councilor Jim Hanson, it was thoughtless to develop housing given the current housing situation and he went on to urge his fellow council to stand for the plan.

Presently, the housing market is unable to create affordable housing for people hence the council should devise other means to handle the issues instead of making use of community amenity funds.

Bassam noted that letting go of the fund will increase on taxpayer’s burdens. He added that “You have got to tell me how much this is going to cost and how the taxpayer’s going to pay for it. Does it mean your property taxes go up?

Speaking on the matter Councilor Lisa Muri explained that the process should not be about financial matters. It will be unfair to add more expenses on a family that is on the verge of losing their home but suggests that developers should be forced to complete the project.

But Councilor Robin Hicks disagreed by stating that developers cannot be pressured by saying that they will not be paid until they finish the project.

The Council also revealed a new tenant relocation policy which entails that displaced tenants will receive a three month free rent and moving expenses and the figure is approximately between $5,000 and $10,000 per unit.

Bassam concluded by stating that all individuals displaced by the government’s decisions should be compensated.”I should not become homeless because of a government decision,” she added.


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