Chief critical of federal support for aboriginal housing

The death of a man and four children killed in a house fire on Ontario made the Chief to denounce the living conditions of aboriginals.

Kurt Antone a 43 year old and four of his sons lost their lives in a raging fire on Wednesday while they were asleep stated Kristen Ireland, sister of the deceased.

It was very emotional for her to lose such a number of family members in just a single day. She stated that everything happened so fast

According to Antone, the mother of the kids was out shopping when the unfortunate event took place.

The house was totally immersed in flames when the fire fighters arrived at about 11a.m., which made it impossible for them to enter the house to rescue anyone.

Chief Randall Phills noted that the fire just demonstrated the struggles faced by the aboriginal community as they live in poor quality houses. The Chief also became judgmental about the support the government provides to these communities.

Phills stated that “the house was just basically kindling.”

During a news conference on Thursday which was attended by Oneida fire Chief Elliot Cornelius, Phillips highlighted that the community lost several of its members and it was a sad day for the community.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the fire but the investigations had to be proposed on Wednesday to Thursday because the house was badly burnt.

He also urges community to help the family in any way possible. The community members were very toughed by the event as they all belong to the same family.

There are nine traditional families in the community and also clan families which in short imply that member of the community are connected. So such an unfortunate event will definitely be felt by all.

The fire also brought to light the poor housing conditions aboriginal communities live in and the government is urged to increase on their support.


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