How Albertans are affected by the current economic decline

In Alberta, it’s a tale of two different shopping encounters for Albertans depending on how much spending shoppers were willing to make. Boxing Day is one of the busiest shopping experiences for both store owners and shoppers.

On Monday, mast stores in Alberta were busy but the question is how much were shoppers spending with the current decline in the economy.

According to Samim Sarwari, manager of Best Buy Sunridge in Calgary shoppers flooded the store especially on Boxing Day.

Boxing Day had been recognized in Canada as the favorite shopping holiday and taking a look at the poll done by, there is a higher turnover for Boxing Day than on Black Friday.

If there were about 50,000 to 60,000 shoppers on Black Friday, one should expect about 80,000 people on Boxing Day. It is a done deal that Albertans prefer Boxing Day Shopping to Black Friday.

One of the more reasons why Boxing Day is the best time for shoppers is that it is a holiday whereas people have to go to work on Black Friday. Also on Boxing Day although some shoppers still prefer online shopping but majority of shoppers stick to the traditional store shopping to see all what stores have.

Furthermore, shoppers have more time on Boxing Day since it’s a holiday and according to Sarwari, electronic devices were amongst the favorite for shoppers as they offer massive discounts.

Satwant Sidhu, a shopper explained that “we were here for just one and then I checked the bigger sale and then I got two.”

Many shoppers endured waiting hours in line to do their shopping in Best Buy as the mall had great offers on electronics.

But despite the slip in the economy, people are rushing to stores and shelves are getting empty.

Page O’Neil also stated that shoppers are still coming through the Christmas sales season as it is the best time for shoppers to get great things at reasonable prices.

The weather condition had also been a slight challenge but it is not stopping shoppers from doing their shopping. The only challenge that shoppers get to face is being patient to wait in line.

Thomas Chin, a Best Buy sales manager in Edmonton expressed that although over the years sales have been good on Boxing Day, this year was however the best so far. Boxing Day is the busiest day of the year for Best Buy and the parking lot at Best Buy was jam packed. Cars and people were everywhere.

Nevertheless, shoppers are spending less compared to last year. Looking at a survey, Canadian shoppers are planning to spend 8% less than last year.

But Albertans are making a difference as residents are expected to spend 6% more this holiday.



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