19-year-old B.C. inventor, Ann Makosinski, on Forbes top-30-under-30 list

A spot on Forbes magazine’s main 30-under-30 rundown is quite recently the most recent award for 19-year-old designer Ann Makosinski, who has a full plate with second-year classes at the University of B.C., talking engagements around the globe and endeavors to bring her two inventions, an flashlight fueled by body heat and an espresso mug that charges cell phones, to the market.

Beginning when she was seven years of age, Makosinski would make things with a hot glue gun and stuff she found at home.

Makosinski said her e-Drink mug is at present a working model, and she trusts that once she gets her Hollow Flashlight into production this year that she will have more opportunity to take a shot at the mug with some expert electrical engineers.

Something that gets individuals off guard, said, is that she is studying English literature at college.

“It’s quite recently that has intrigued me, yet despite everything I do all my science and business outside of school.”

The youthful innovator’s manifestations had effectively earned her honors, including being named one of Time’s 30 Under 30 list for 2013, and a win in her age group at the 2013 Google Science Fair.

She has additionally showed up on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night network show and has conveyed five TEDx talks.

“I’d take garbage and I’d glue them together and create inventions,” she told CBC News.

“Of course, they never worked, but the idea of taking the resources around me and piecing them together to make something better or to solve a problem was kind of there from the start.”


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