Abbotsford’s airport accomplish highest figure of passengers in 2016

Last year was definitely a memorable one for the Abbotsford airport as it experienced the higher number of passengers flying out of the country.
Earlier this month, there were reports that there were fewer numbers of passengers travelling out of the country but the local airport has recently seen more people willing to fly out of the Lower Mainland.
Information from the Abbotsford International Airport indicates that 2016 was a record breaker with figures showing that there was an estimated 530,643 people travelling out of the country which is a an 8.78% increase from the previous year.

In 2015, there was 8.7% number of passengers leaving the airport.
The Abbotsford International Airport has a reputation for being contentious when it comes to business and providing quality services to its customers. Furthermore, the airport has also positively contributed towards the economic growth of the community. It has also aid in the local transportation network which facilitates the smooth movement of people in and out of the local community.

Recently, the airport has gone through various new developments increasing on the international customs building. This increase in infrastructure has facilitated an increase in the number of passengers coming to the airport.

The airport which is located in British Columbia which is also in close proximity to the U.S border is an easy way for residents to move to other areas and with the expensive housing market in the community, it might be surprising that many passengers flying out of the airport are in search of other affordable communities to resident in or settle for the time being until the housing prices cool down


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