Scotiabank Looking To Lead The Way With Digital Banking

Scotiabank wants to take the lead when it comes to providing digital platforms to their clients for banking and various financial services in Canada and other main markets. On Thursday, the lender commented that their digital-first approach is to make an effective effort and also provide better and great services to their customer. With productivity being enhanced, the lender would be able to achieve more profits over the medium term.

Brian Porter, CEO, and President of Scotiabank said; “Our customers want to do more of their banking through digital channels, and we want them to conduct more of their business with our Bank. Our digital-first mindset should send a clear message to customers, employees, and shareholders: When it comes to digital banking, we are positioning Scotiabank to lead.”

In regards to the digitization of the lender’s mortgage business, there was no further information revealed, however, it was part of the plans together with the bank’s other main functions and roles to be geared up for a digital makeover.


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