Foreign Buyers’ Tax To Be Refunded By Vancouver

It is now six months since the foreign buyer tax was endorsed in Vancouver, and the governing body in B.C. is rethinking on making a whole lot of changes and alterations to their regulation, the lucky news is also that some of the foreign buyers will have their tax money refund to them. The provincial finance minister, Mike de Jong said in an interview which was conducted earlier on that they are deliberating on an option to whether having foreign nations after purchasing a home either become a permanent resident or be given a Canadian citizenship status.


He said to a new reporting site: “It’s one of the things that has been presented that we’re looking at, in terms of someone who has made a purchase and then in a very short period of time meets the criteria and acquires the status whereby they wouldn’t have had to pay the tax.”


Premier Christy Clark also said, “We are going to lift the foreign owners’ tax on people who have work permits who are paying taxes and living in British Columbia, as a way to encourage more people to come.” She already commented that those non-indigene buyers that have work permitted will not be included either charged.


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