Over 3,000 new Vancouver homes to be future in False Creek Flats industrial area

Vancouver homes face the possibility to be included in the abstract plan by the City of Vancouver for the future of False Creek Flats.
As part of the land, 3,000 new homes in Vancouver are envisaged to be part of the industrial area. The False Creek Flats compose of 600 businesses with an estimated 8,000 workers.
The large number of workers increases the demand for available properties. The main aim of the Flats is to sustain the commercial aspect of the area and also to create affordable housing for workers in the area.
The plan will also make provision for “rental housing with a priority for artist live or work studios”. Students will also be provided with accommodation upon gaining entry into the new Emily Carr University of Art and Design.
Furthermore, the city plans on controlling the way properties are sold to increase on the sales of non-market houses.
Towards this direction, the plan also suggests a smooth movement between False Creek Flats and nearby markets of Strathcona.
According to statements from the plan “the plan aims at bringing out the full capacity of the economic growth of the area but making maintainable False Creek Flats.”
More job opportunities will also be created to complement the existing 8,000 which will also increae on housing growth.



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