DLC Tips Off On How To Handle Mortgages Amidst A Divorce

Having to negotiate the pressing issue of mortgages while going through a divorce can somewhat be a bone in the throat, according to an agent based in Red Deer. He recently gave his understanding on how well to handle such problem if one should ever face it. A broker, Jean-Guy Turcotte of Dominion Lending Centres – Regional Mortgage Group illustrated that buying a conjugal home for at most 95 per cent of its actual worth can be promising if need be to do so.


He further expatiated; “[It] feels more like a refinance, but technically one spouse is buying out the other. The funds can be used to pay off the amount owing to your spouse and debts listed in the separation agreement – keep in mind not all lenders allow payouts and rules are changing on us all the time, so time can be of the essence.”


In order for the individual to be eligible for the Spousal Buyout Program that’s being made accessible by credit lenders, mortgage insurers and banks, a Legal Separation Agreement, “with the bare minimum that a Lawyer provides each party with their own Independent Legal Advice (ILA,” needs to be filled out by the party who desire to buys the matrimonial home.


Turcotte commented; “[Both lawyers] do need to sign off to ensure that your rights are protected and to determine what liabilities are remaining from each other, if any (i.e., child support, alimony, etc.). Ensure you talk about all the debts you jointly have so they can be separated appropriately and can be managed inside the separation agreement.”


The property would have to be assessed thoroughly to know its actual value, as the difference may vary between the authentic worth of the property and the perceived value of it. After that is done, a purchase of an agreement should be made ready as follows with the assistance of attorneys. Having a mortgage professional appointed to help assist with the other eligible conditions would be of use to each party as the procedure would be accelerated.


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