Landlord Pays For Tenant’s Marijuana-Growing

This is the kind of thing that makes one change minds about becoming a landlord.

One Darryl Spencer had no idea whatsoever that his tenant was growing marijuana. He of course lost his insurance and had to now start from scratch!

Now, the tenant growing the herb was not some delinquent; he has a medical marijuana licence and the little garden project was legal. But even when landlord Spencer explained that to his insurance company, it all fell on deaf ears.

He discovered the plants after another tenant sent a complaint. The whole thing is a fire hazard which was his number concern. The upstairs tenant complaint of heat radiating through the walls.

This should be a lesson to all landlords. Make it clear whether or not growing weed on the premises is okay with both you and your insurance company.

At the end, Spencer had to pay double the amount he would in insurance after finding a company that specializes in covering medical grow-operations.


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