E-commerce gains momentum in Canada

Advancement in technology is having great effects on various sectors in Canada and E-commerce is becoming a leading trend and might account for 10% of all retail transactions in Canada in few years to come as consumers are taking advantage of the multi-channel approach to sales with gives them endless shopping experiences with a wide range of goods and products to choose from.

Reports from eMarketer, in 2016, retail e-commerce sales made a total of C$34.04 billion excluding travel and event tickets.  Over the next four years, this figure is expected to rise by two-thirds as more people make use of it with the use of mobile phones.

A study suggests that by 202, e-commerce dales will amount to C$55.78 billion which will be a share of 10% compared to the 2.6% made in 2016.

While the US and UK is taking the lead ahead of Canada in terms of e-commerce, Canada is trying to seize the opportunity to make it at the top and things are going on well as there are double-digit annual gains.

This growth is being fueled by several factors including the stronger Canadian dollar and also the immense development in the quality of contributions from Canadian sales.

Online shopping is becoming a common trend amongst Canadian shoppers according to the E-Commerce Shopper Study from research company BrandSpark. It was also reported that 905 of Canadians do several shopping online in a month and also 85% search for consumer review to help make their shopping easier.

Another indicator of growth is the involvement of real estate experience as real estate firms are also making use of e-commerce to make investment deals.


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