Lender Responds To Alleged Claims

CBC New allegedly said that some employee at TD Bank wanted to meet their sales targets by means of going against the law, the lender responded to the claims that was made. Although the allegations have not been confirmed in court, some employees admitted on live TV to have feared losing their jobs due to not meeting sales target and that in turn pushed them to do things which didn’t agree with the law.


An employee admitted to have put up a customer’s credit without informing them about it, and that goes against the federal banking rules and regulations.  TD responded to that by saying “I does not believe certain media coverage is an accurate portrayal of our culture, or that it reflects the experience of most of our colleagues, but we take the concerns very seriously.”


The financial lender statement emphasised that the sales targets are established to maintain the business, however “we will only succeed by doing the right thing for our customers.” The issues brought by in a news broadcast will be surely looked into by the bank and the CEO, Bharat Masrani said that “we must earn our customers’ trust before we earn their business.”


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