Trump To Cause A Turnaround In The Real Estate Sector

Since the winning of the presidential election by Donald Trump, a veteran mortgage broker in Canada, Robert McLister said that the election of Trump to the white house mentioned this could actually be a turnaround for the real estate sector in Canada, and not in a good way.

He told a news reporting company that the president-elect’s strategies could influence inflation, and cause higher interest rates, which could in return cause an impact on the mortgage rates.

Robert McLister said that borrowers should think through their policy at this moment and ways they can be able to have an upper hand from the locking-in rate, despite the impending uproar that will occur in the monetary markets in the near future.

As mentioned by McLister, with the newly introduced mortgage rules and likely increased mortgage rate ahead, homeowners would start to notice the prices begin to ease.Although it could be a huge opportunity for homebuyers, especially those buying homes for the first time.


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