British Columbia avoids bill ban as bill dies

Andrew Weaver, the leader of Green Party wishes to make it illegal for female workers and employees to wear high heeled shoes during work. H introduced this bill to make the wearing of high heeled shoes illegal during work on International Women’s Day and so far he has gotten a lot of support from Premier Christy Clark.

However, this bill has subsided due to the fact that the province of British Columbia legislature adjourned on Thursday. Andrew Weaver said that he believes the Liberal government is contemplating to change some provincial regulation without having to do with the bill that ban female workers from wearing high heels to work.

Andrew Weaver still believes that the government will not ignore it for long because the bill went extremely viral.

Shirley Bond, the minister of labour stated Weaver’ bill to constrain women wearing high heels in their various workplace is completely unacceptable and she will take action against the bill.

Weaver stated that the introduction of this bill against wearing of high heels was under influence of health and safety concerns he had. Majority of the population of female workers believe that this is not the true reason. To some extent Weaver’s concerns has some intelligence under it. This is because it has been medically proven that high heels can cause slipping or falling in places like the workplace or restaurant or stairs.

The legislature of the province of British Columbia will not sit again until the provincial election on May 9th.


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