Mississauga believed to be only for the rich

The city of Mississauga has been dealing with housing by creating and implementing a design that would allow the middle class and middle income earners to gain housing and live in the city.

The streets of the city of Mississauga is full of “For sale” signs. Most of these signs have been siting there for months, a few of them of have been standing there or years. This is basically because the prices of houses have been skyrocketing out of the reach of house buyers in the recent years.

Because of the soaring housing prices, the city has been trying to adopt a new 40-point plan. Economists and realtors believe that this new plan will help the prices in the real estate market become more affordable and neutral.

In addition, the city has been facing high rental prices mixed with low vacancy rates and skyrocketing prices in it’s real estate prices. Due to these problems, the city of Mississauga has decided to develop a housing plan that will enable middle class and middle-income households to have homes. As it is right now, most citizens of the city believe that the real estate market of the city is only meant for the rich as the prices are unbelievable and to some extent unaffordable.

A commissioner in the city of Mississauga who is responsible for the planning and building stated the city of Mississauga has recently been seeing an enormous amount of middle class households been shut out of the real estate market. Majority of the middle class people like Nurses, teachers, firefighters and police are no longer able to afford housing in the city.


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