No more lawsuit against social media company, Twitter Inc.

Last week, Twitter Inc. made it known that it has dropped the lawsuit it had filed against the U.S. Homeland Security Department.

The only reason it dropped the lawsuit was because the American government withdrew a summons for records “asking” which individual was running an account that was criticizing President Trump.

What an infringement on the 1st amendment!

One of the lawyers for Twitter—Mark Flanagan—wrote in the court papers that a lawyer for the department of justice notified the company about the withdrawal of the summons last week Friday.

It is still unclear why the government withdrew the summons and if the investigation has been officially closed.


They have declined to comment.


The assumed reason for the dropping of the lawsuit is the fact that, the department of justice’s lawyers knew that the odds were against them in winning the case along with folks talking about the infringement on speech rights.


What did Twitter when asking to hand over documents?

The social media platform cited freedom of speech as its reason for not giving the records to the department of justice.

There are speculations as to those behind the account that is making Donald Trump so uncomfortable. Some believe that government employees might be behind it.
Social media companies are not strangers to requests from different governments. The requests tend to be about an ongoing criminal investigation or a matter of national security—they might need the help of the social media company.

The Republican senators of the state of Colorado, Cory Gardner, and the state of Utah, Mike Lee sent a joint letter asking the Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly, what protocols were in place to protect free speech in agency investigations.

Oregon’s Senator, Ron Wyden, a Democrat, also sent a letter of his own last week Friday to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, asking for an investigation into the why and how of the issued summons.


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