Tips For Selling Your Home Fast

Have you listed a house in a buyers’ market, where supply is greater than demand? In a down market, sometimes only lowering the price does not do the trick, you need other ways to get the house off the market. Read the following 6 tips on how to sell your home fast.

#1. Differentiate from the Neighbors

This can be done through renovation. But the renovation should not only add value to the house but it should also be done in a way which would it stand out among the houses in its surrounding.
Attract more customers to the house by making custom decorations such as landscaping, high-grade windows or a new roof and use colors and designs that would be inviting to most people.
However, as much as renovating your home helps in getting it off the market in very quick, it could have negative returns when you overdo it. Be sure to only add things that are likely to get you the best return.

#2. Clean the Clutter

Though this is intuitive, it is not being emphasized too well. Cleaning your house prior to showing is instrumental to getting the deal. The cleaning should not only be removing dirt and stains from the windows, but it may also include removing furniture to make certain rooms look more spacious.
It is not required but it is definitely worth consideration to hire a home stager to help you prepare your home for showing. The cost for staging ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on your finance or the kind of staging you want – renting a modern, neutral furniture for showing your home are generally more expensive.

#3. Sweeten the Deal

In a market, especially a down market, buyers are looking for the best deal. Therefore, adding some extra benefits to your listed home can attract buyers who are looking for that kind of house. Try to offer things or terms such as offering a buyer a couple of thousand dollars credit toward closing costs, offering a transferable home warranty which can cost $300 to $400 for a one year policy which can cover several appliances in the house if they fail, or motivate buyers by the option of closing the deal in a short time (30 to 60 days).

#4. Improve Curb Appeal

First impression is very important in real estate. The first thing buyers see when they glance at a home is its exterior, it is always a good idea to make it appear appealing to house hunters. Use attractive fresh coat paint and make sure the bushes and lawn are trimmed and clean, try as much as possible to make  the house fit into its surrounding – this does not mean you should not make it more attractive than the neighboring houses.

#5. Get Your Home in “Move in” Condition

No buyer would want to buy a house and then start to spend money to fix some appliances. Therefore, do not only concentrate on aesthetics, but also make sure that the appliances, doors, electrical installation and plumbing fixtures are in accordance with the latest building codes are working optimally.

#6. Pricing it Right

Renovating and staging your house would be useless if you chase potential buyers away by asking unreasonable price. Choosing the right price is essential to getting a buyer fast, do some research by consulting a local real estate agent, reading newspapers, or visiting real estate websites and equip yourself with the knowledge of the most reasonable amount you should price your house with.


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