Americans To Be Compensated For Buying Homes In Canada

Following Trump’s victory, more Americans are rushing to Canada, as a Boston- based association is ready to give back money to Americans purchasing homes in Canada.

Americans buying a house within the next 12 months to be recompensed for buying homes in Canada will get a $20,000 cash back bonus. This offer is being made by Navut, a real estate tech company.

Navut is a company which purposes at assisting people acquire properties that matchup to their lifestyle in 10 Canadian cities including Boston. The company also helps immigrants to relocate safely to the Great White.

Navut allows its customers to go look through properties based on their finances and predilections. They have more access to active listings and customers get cash back to help them shield their moving costs and other bills.

As more Americans are moving to Canada, Navut comes to their aid as the Canadian housing market is going through a coarse patch presently. Thus, most Americans have been cautioned about the hot Toronto market where housing prices are not affordable especially for immigrants.

Navut has also linked with immigration officers in Canada to help immigrants that wish to relocate.

Marcos Carvalho, co-founder and chief revenue officer for Navut expounded that, immigration is a key enhancement for economic development and for Navut, there is nothing better than aiding American immigrants, and also contributing towards the Canadian economy.

Navut has fashioned an occasion for Americans threatening to leave the U.S rather than wait for the undefined Trump presidency.

The Canadian economy stands to profit greatly from American immigration and Navut is making good use of the opportunity.

In addition, Canada and America have had great relations in the past, and they also subsidize immeasurably to the development of the nation. Therefore, Navut is trying to return a favor by helping Americans come into Canada.

J C Loum


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