Before Delivering Legislation, Trudeau Will Listen To Those Opposing The Plan To Change Tax System

Justin Trudeau says that he won’t change his mind from his main goal to make the tax system more fairer for the middle class, however he will listen to the worries of small business owners stressed over the effect of shutting tax loopholes.

Talking in Saskatoon subsequent to meeting with students, the Prime Minister protected his administration’s choice to close tax loopholes as a component of his administration’s intent to guarantee the wealthy don’t get tax reductions while the middle class suffers.

“We are doing more for the people who need it, less for the people who don’t,” Trudeau said, citing his government’s middle class tax cut and introduction of the Canada child benefit as examples.

“I will make no apologies for this approach. It’s what Canadians expect of us when we say we are going to grow the middle class and those working hard to join it,” he said.

“At the same time we are in a consultation period. We are hearing feedback from Canadians that want to make sure that this does help the middle class and that is what we are very much focused on.”

Liberal backbenchers have been getting an earful this mid year from small business owners offended by the proposals.

They are planning to release those worries on Finance Minister Bill Morneau amid the administration’s mid year gathering retreat this week in Kelowna, B.C.

“From what I’m hearing right now, the highest priority thing is to engage in a meaningful discussion of the proposed tax changes to Canadian-controlled, private corporations,” said Stephen Fuhr, who represents the riding that encompasses Kelowna.

“There are a whole host of people — i.e., the ones that are on the receiving end of the tax proposals — that are not happy…. My job is to deliver their input or that message to my colleagues.”


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