Dream Of Living In A Condo Turns To A Nightmare For Canadians

New workplace resident harassment rule was introduced by a Toronto Condo board earlier last month which leaves residents at a state of dilemma as one of the rules entailed “unreasonable or repetitive expressions of concerns over the administration of the affairs of the condominium cooperation” and this rule has ignited the anger of tenants as a democratic dwelling in the resident drastically turned into a dictatorial one because of the many rules adopted including actions it deems annoying.

A tenant renting the station condos sees the rules as “gag order” as tenants are forced to remain silent with regards to following up request and consequently get penalized. He mentioned reasons of concerns for residents like broken tiles, sink leakages etc that barely get the acknowledgement of the administration though repeated emails of reports are sent to the administration for weeks by management though his liaison landlord agent reached out to the manager, no repairs are yet to be made and having witnessed a year of 3 different managers of the property.

The Ontario condominium Act in section 58 rules that any rule created by the condo board should be reasonable and arguments have emerged with regards to the reasonability of the added rule.

Moti Flaster, a member of the Ontario Condominium Owners Association said she hasn’t seen anything so ridiculous calling the rule “draconian” and “dictatorial” but a specialized condo lawyer Denise Lash said these clashes between condo board and tenants are mainly as a result of a lack of communication because a unit that has 388 units with just one person to lay complaints to becomes an issue.

He also said the rule might be warranted following a recent court case “YCC No 163 v. Robinson when condo cooperation in Toronto received a court order against a tenant who sent emails to management everyday criticizing them and displaying rude behaviours.

But a suggestion for a meeting to lift the ban of repetitive complaints is the utmost solution.


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