Real Estate Professionals From Canada And U.S. Converge In Winnipeg

Canadian and U.S. senior real estate professionals converged in the city of Winnipeg and even though many might have thought their purpose was to search the housing market, they were however in the city for a different agenda.

For the very first time, real estate professionals are in Canada to take the distinguished Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) course. The course which is usually taken in the U.S. is for the very first time being held out of the country.

It took the Manitoba Real Estate Association (MREA) with assistance from the provincial department of Growth Enterprise and Trade close to two years to organize the course. According to David Salvatore, CEO of the MREA the solitary objective of the project was to indorse the city’s economic growth and trade.

He added that it was believed that the program will help shed light on the reasons why Manitoba should be a city where investors can invest in, with help from the state and provincial real estate association.

Salvatore also noted that they want to advance on the city’s economic growth and trade which in turn will improve on increasing jobs in the region and thereby address housing issues in the area.

The program was only attended by invited delegates from cities including Arizona, Texas, California, Florida, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Illinois, Virginia, Alberta, B.C., Ontario, New York, Minnesota, Missouri and Prince Edward.

The CIPS makes its selection from 35 countries and are regulated by the National Association of Realtors and the American organization with an estimated 1.2 million members.

Former Winnipeg real estate agent Chris Pennycook along with the MREA president noted that the program was organized to bring real estate professionals from cities that have close business relations with Manitoba and optimistically next year, other business communities will also be convoluted in the program.

Global real estate professionals were able to meet with local business entrepreneurs to discuss pertinent business matters.

For the representatives, including Andrew Barbar, the operating principal of Keller Williams, a 300-agent firm in Boca Raton, Fla. articulated that the insight to the Winnipeg market was a brilliant one. It was an excellent learning occasion as they got to know about the business environment in the city and similarly to other cities, the greater value in the business community is the people.

Carmela MA, an agent from Beverly Hills, California who had prior dealings with the city’s agents such as Sandy Shindleman and Harry Deleeuw gave the framework for the course.

Barbar, whose firm deal in global business noted that the program exposed him to greater prospects.




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