Guide For Homebuyers Updated By CMHC After Twenty Years

In the year, 1998, a guide to help prospective buyers purchase a home was published in Canada by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Even since that time, it seems that a whole lot has changed and things have taken another different direction as before.

Just as it was before back then, how Celine Dion was a major music icon who mainly dominated the music charts and had hit songs all year round, the same goes for homes in Canada which average price is some way north of the $100,000 than it was earlier on.

So to speak, the near-20-year-old-guide by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has finally been updated to enable buyers have access to current step-by-step process in their journey of owning a home.

The guide is yet to be up and available on the agency’s website as soon as possible.


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