Canada Goose Requests To Be On The Stock Market

Canada Goose an extravagant apparel company is requesting to go public on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges with the logo “GOOS.”

The company’s administration highlighted that the company had revenue of $291 million in budgetary 2016 which is an increase from the $152 million made in 2014. They also have a gross profit of $146 million.

The company had its first retail store in Toronto and New York last year. There were also online sales conducted in Canada and other international countries.

In addition, the company intends to increase in size by having different branches in various countries and also operating more outlets in well recognized cities and premium outdoor centers.

Furthermore, the company hopes to expand on its request to go public by adding to its spring and fall items such as knitwear, fleece, footwear, travel gear and bedding.

Some of the company’s jackets especially its parkas have been worn by famous celebrities in several films and has also made it on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition.

The company in Toronto was established in 1957 and in its recent request; the company highlighted its strong potentials in creating “uncompromised craftsmanship”.

In 2003, the company sold a 70% interest share to investment firm Bain Capital which funds the IPO.

Canada Goose is also a sponsor of several film festivals such as the Berlin International Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival in Utah and also the Toronto International Film Festival.

The company’s products also worn by people in cold weather areas and parkas have also been supplied to participants in the United States Antarctic Program.




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