Possible Ways to Earn Bitcoins

Many investors ended the year 2017 regretting why they did not jump on to the Bitcoin bandwagon long time ago. Just seven years ago, the value of one Bitcoin was a paltry 30 US cents ($0.30). Simply put, if you had purchased just a $100 dollar worth of Bitcoins on January 1st, 2011, you would have been issued with 333.33 Bitcoins. When the value of the Bitcoin surged beyond $18,000 a piece this past December your $100 investment in 2011 would have been worth a minimum of $5,999,940. You would have made yourself a millionaire!

Perhaps this revelation might leave you biting your fingers wishing you had at least invested a Benjamin ($100 USD) on what was then duped a ‘crazy phenomena’ by the business pundits both on Wall Street and Main Street. Do you now want to get on the Bitcoin bandwagon? Well, it is not too late.

Six Ways to Earn Bitcoins

#1.Buy Bitcoins

The most common method to get your hands on Bitcoins is buying them from a Bitcoin Exchange. However, with today’s prices above $11,000, you’d have to part away with a lot of cash to make any meaningful investment on the Cryptocurrency.

#2.Mining Bitcoins

The process through which Bitcoins are released into circulation is what is referred to as mining. Bitcoin mining is done through completing difficult calculations so as to discover a new block of Bitcoin which is then added to the public registry otherwise called the blockchain on which transactions are recorded. For every successful registry of a transaction on the blockchain, the computer server that computed the difficult calculations is awarded some Bitcoins.  Currently that award stands at 25 Bitcoins. However, the number of Bitcoins awarded this way drops every four years, in 2009 it was 50.  So before you invest your savings in setting up your own Bitcoin mining operation,  make sure to check with an advanced Bitcoin mining calculator to determine if its all worth your time and money.

#3.”Bitcoins Accepted Here”

You can invest in the necessary hardware or digital wallet features that allow your business to accept Bitcoins as a form of payment for your goods or services. Do you want your business to look trendy? Get on with the Bitcoin game and don’t forget to hang your”Bitcoins Accepted Here” sign.

#4.Work for Bitcoins

There are websites such as workforbitcoins.com and coinality.com that serves as platforms bringing together workers interested in getting paid in Bitcoins and employers who are ready to pay out in Bitcoins. Jobs4bitcoins.com is another popular site listing jobs where employers pay in Bitcoins.


BITBond.com and Bitlending.com are sites that allow you to lend out your Bitcoins so you’ll earn more Bitcoins in return after a duration of time.

#6.Try your chance

Although we do not recommend this for obvious reasons, sites such as Slots.lv, Ignition, and Bovada are just a few among a host of online casinos that let you try your luck in winning Bitcoins.

As the saying goes, there are several ways to kill a cat. Any of the six options described here will help you lay your hands on the Cryptocurrency that you just let slipped right through your fingers seven years ago.


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