All You Need To Know About Robinhood And Its Zero-Fee Cryptocurrency Trading

Why Cryptocurrency community is amped up for Robinhood?

The US-based no-commission stock trading application, Robinhood stood out as truly newsworthy by reporting yesterday that it will give you a chance to purchase and offer digital currencies, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Beginning in February, you would have the capacity to exchange in digital currencies on this platform with no additional trade charges. While other crypto trades, for example, Coinbase charges around 1.5 to 4 percent expenses in the US. This viewpoint pulled in a huge number of individuals that are prepared to join on this platform. In addition, users will likewise have the capacity to track the news, costs alongside setting up alarms on a sum of 16 top crypto coins.


What is Robinhood?

Robinhood was established in 2013 with its application is coming on the web later on. Launched in 2015, the application was established by Baiju Bhatt and Vladimir Tenev. Both the originators had already assembled the high-frequency  trading platforms in New York City for financial institutions. Later on, Bhatt and Tenev understood that these electronic trading firms and high-frequency traders don’t pay much to execute trades. This was the motivation to convey the current innovation to the market of retail brokerage.

Robinhood, a US-based financial services company is a commission free stock brokerage that had around 1 million users in March 2016. It had a valuation of roughly $1.3 billion after the April 2017 fundraising. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, this prominent investment application essentially gives you a chance to invest into conventional securities, for example, ETFs, bonds, and stocks.


Robinhood works on a mobile application that enables its users to purchase and offer the stocks on US trades with no commission. This application is accessible for Android, iPhone and Apple Watch and has around 2 million users. The firm is FINRA affirmed broker-dealer that is enlisted with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. It is additionally a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation. Last August, Robinhood even offered free stocks in return for new user references.

The greatest favorable position of Robinhood is the without commission stock exchanging. Henceforth, the name Robinhood. To minimize their costs, the company does not give any sort of choices, analytical tools, and research reports on its platform

The arrangement of the company is to work on a break-even basis and isn’t intending to change their commission free structure soon. The concentration as at now is to develop their client base and keep serving the current customers substantially more proficiently.

How Robinhood profits through its application?

The company is unquestionably not running a charity. Robinhood is worth around $1.3 billion and was worked to pool the investors cash into one single pool. The company essentially procures enthusiasm from this colossal pool of capital.

In addition, the company loans cash to the general population. Robinhood Gold premium level is a premium membership plan for that is estimated at $6 to $200 on a month to month basis. This membership gives the user a chance to get from $1,000 to $50,000.

As of late, Robinhood added digital currency exchanging to its mobile trading platform that has turned into a gigantic achievement.


Why Robinhood’s sudden enthusiasm for digital currencies?

Robinhood declared another platform where you can invest into digital currencies. For an early access, is accessible to its users. By January 25, around 170,000 individuals have officially agreed to accept this early access. This crypto exchanging will be added to the Robinhood’s platform in February 2018.

With regards to requesting the digital currency on Robinhood, it is truly clear. With the launch of crypto featues, you will have the capacity to trade up to $1,000 immediately from your connected bank account. Dissimilar to other crypto trading platforms that make deferrals and lost opportunities, Robinhood gives you instant access to cash.

Also, the company helps in decreasing the market unpredictability too. By putting a “collar” around your trade, it enables you to sit tight at the cost to achieve this collar while doing the trade. Robinhood additionally underpins restrain orders that mean you get the opportunity to set a cost where you can consequently purchase or offer.

The coins that will be accessible for following through Robinhood are inclusive of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, NEO, Ethereum Classic, OmiseGo, Zcash, Monero, Dash, Stellar, Qtum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Gold, and Lisk.

In any case, When the crypto exchanging feautures takes off in February, just BTC and ETH will be accessible for you to exchange. Likewise, this component will be accessible just in Montana, New Hampshire, California, Massachusetts, and Missouri. More states and digital currencies will be included later in the future.


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