A Canadian Solution to Safer Cryptocurrency Investments

There is no way to miss the Bitcoin craze trending in the financial and tech world. However, many people are looking the other way instead following series of warnings that Bitcoin prices could probably drop further and the cryptocurrency market will soon burst.

Bitcoin began the year 2018 dropping below the US$10,000 mark and there are speculations that this drop will continue further in the coming weeks especially as Canadian regulators are trying to rein in speculators so as to stop them from further harming investors.

Notwithstanding the fact that the Bitcoin craze can be compared to the tech buzz of the 90s, it is the blockchain, the technology behind all cryptos that makes a difference this time around as it authenticates all transactions.

Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd is a pioneer in the digital currency market offering investors the possibility to invest in cryptocurrencies without actually being wholly immersed in the process.

Partnering with Genesis Mining Ltd and Fiore Group to maximize its crypto activities at a very reasonable rate, Hive is able to facilitate lower cost on transactions thanks to its mining facilities in Iceland and Sweden due to reduced electricity costs.

Hive is a leading giant when it comes to cryptocurrency mining but the instability in the cryptocurrencies it deals in will significantly affect its activities. The company is most likely to go through a rough time during the course of the year as cryptocurrency prices are still on the decline.

Depending on Hive for your digital currency solutions is equally as risky as relying on the cryptocurrencies themselves. If you are realistic and are with the view that mining firms will see a drop in their value, then Hive acts as a great player to watch among all the other cryptocurrency traders whose longevity is in doubt.


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