Etherbots Surpasses CryptoKitties In Transaction Volume

The Etherbots gaming platform is presently the third most well-known decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain. The dapp held the main spot on the charts for a lot of Wednesday.

What Is It?

Etherbots is the next digital gaming craze to clear the cryptosphere. In spite of the way that the game still can’t seem to launch, a bigger number of ethers are being traded for Etherbots than CryptoKitties at the present time.

It’s what’s hot right at this point. In any case, don’t accept it’s only a craze. Etherbots pulls in clients because of a similar two fundamental rules that CryptoKitties grasps:

  1. Scarcity
  2. Complete ownership of digital assets

Past making value and giving genuine ownership of digital characters, Etherbots includes important gameplay and rivalry to the blend. Bots contend with each other in fights. Bots win and lose in light of the decisions of users.

Purchase parts, manufacture bots and update the attributes. Contend with others and increase the value of the bots.

Etherbots is just selling 3,900 bots amid the pre-sale, yet the makers aren’t telling anybody when that number will be reached. The bot sales closes in six days. The cost of purchasing a bot and partaking in the ecosystem likewise goes up each time a new user buys.

Outside of the undeniable scarcity built into the sale of bots, there’s a 500% more noteworthy possibility your bot ‘crate’ contains an uncommon shadow or legendary gold item over post-launch buys. This is the manner by which Etherbots is picking up steam. The question is, will it be sufficient to permanently beat the exchange volume of CryptoKitties?

It wasn’t that long prior that one of the first ever CryptoKitties available sold for 131 ether tokens. At the time those tokens were worth over $63,000 USD.

The popularity of these virtual cats is in charge of over $12 million in sales to end 2017. The kitties are additionally in charge of slowing down for the Ethereum network.

Etherbots will without a doubt do a similar thing if the valuations related with this virtual game explode.


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