Impact Of Machine Learning On The Way We Invest In Cryptocurrencies

There has been an obvious and tremendous increase in the use of data science to improve the accuracy of predictions. The results have not being more than expected and have completely revolutionized organizations and industries across the world.

This move also has a great impact on the industry.

“Machine learning”, one of the most popular phrase nowadays, is in no way the same as “artificial intelligence”. Machine leaning is a type of artificial intelligence that gives the possibility for computer systems to learn, improve and essentially “evolve” as they are exposed to new data.

Giants in the tech-world like Google are using machine learning to predict flight delays. When booking a flight, the algorithm will look through the previous delayed flights to determine the causes, which can be for example: bad weather conditions, late arrivals, etc…

In case quite a number of information are matching up and there is a chance there will be a delay, then the information will appear in the search results to warn customers before they book their flights.

Google is not the only one benefiting from machine learning. Other industries and domains like the education sector, health-care, travel, business, marketing…are also beneficiaries of the machine learning technology.

In the crypto space, Silo has developed a smart algorithm that analyzes movements in the market and scrapes the Blockchain to identify the cryptocurrencies that make 95% of the market every 24 hours.

The fact that the algorithm is based on machine learning and real-time analysis of widely adopted and trusted coins, determines the amount of trust the crypto-society has and which of the currencies are being adopted or not.

The algorithm will then purchase the tokens in a distributed manner. One Silo token will then hold several dozens underlying assets such as BTC, ETH, NEO, Qtum, and many others. In turn, Silo tokens are liquid from the first second because they represent their underlying assets.

The recent boom in the crypto market has attracted a lot more investors, with the hope of making it even bigger. Many of these investors know nothing about trading and have difficulties knowing where exactly is the place to invest. Many then end up losing a lot more money than they can afford.

Adding to the enormous risk which investing is, there has been an increasing number of ICO scams, to the extent that social media, including Facebook, had to recently ban the advertising of all ICOs.

For some companies, in order to help users make more informed decisions, are aiming to use machine learning to make smarter, faster trading decisions that will definitely maximize trading profit


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