Part I: Bitcoin Terms


“Over the counter” speak of a technique of trading that sidesteps an exchange service. With OTC trading, buyers and sellers instead reaches a decision upon an exchange rate for a set amount of currency and, time and again with the assistance of a reliable third-party escrow, transact with one another directly. OTC trading is frequently ubiquitous among teams buying or selling to and from large, private investors, in order to not upset the market for their coin.

Prior to RaiBlocks being listed on an exchange, it was traded OTC on Bitcointalk for over a year.


A graphics processing unit is a computer component conventionally responsible for quick and effectual creation and display of images, and often used to service in PC gaming. Though, GPUs play a very significant role in a number of crypto-currencies that utilize Proof-of-Work algorithms geared in the direction of the processing strategies forced by GPUs.

As a result of this, there has been a lot of tension lately between gamers and crypto-currency miners, as the growth of cryptocurrency has led to an unprecedented demand for GPUs, which caused a scarcity of units available to gamers as well as speedily increasing costs for the hardware that is available.


An all-time high is the absolute maximum price that a coin has attained. It can be expressed in terms of either BTC or USD. Of course, one of the greatest feelings in cryptocurrency trading is holding a coin until it achieves a new ATH. Alternatively, seeing a coin drop significantly from it’s ATH for a sustained period of time is one of the worst feelings.


Decentralized exchanges are often called “the future of cryptocurrency trading”. As traditional, centralized exchanges have continually failed its users due to hacks, poor support, lack of scaling, regulatory changes, and other issues, much of the cryptocurrency community has looked to DEX solutions as structural fixes to these perpetual issues. On a DEX, buyers and sellers maintain ownership of their funds, and the DEX simply serves as a facilitator of direct trades between buyers and sellers.


Bitcoin Cash, and more specifically, its acronym, have been the subject of much controversy. There has been a widespread campaign by BCH sceptics to refer to the Bitcoin fork as BCash, rather than Bitcoin Cash.

This has sparked much backlash from Bitcoin Cash supporters and even the Chief Executive Officer of the coin, Roger Ver, whose opinion of the BCash campaign is marred.


“Fear, uncertainty and doubt” refers to the practices of bad actors to influence the price of a coin to go down for any reason. FUD frequently takes the form of misunderstood or even transparently incorrect news publicized to convince holders of a coin to sell off their holdings. For instance, the fabricated news spread about China prohibiting Bitcoin was FUD.


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