Cryptocurrency Exchanges Cut Down Withdrawal Fees

Last week, three famous cryptocurrency exchanges have gone down on bitcoin withdrawal costs by up to half. Even as the common rate of sending bitcoin has been falling for weeks, these savings had yet to be passed on to exchange customers. Now Binance, Bitfinex, and Kraken have all reduced their fees amidst a backdrop of improved Segwit adoption and transaction batching.

Bitcoin Withdrawals: Now with 50% Off

Bitcoin is pretty reasonably-priced to send – less expensive than ethereum in a few instances. It’s currently around 10 satoshis per byte to send BTC, which goes out at about 30 cents for a regular transaction. Many bitcoin users only send cryptocurrency when withdrawing it from an exchange, however, to a wallet they manipulate or to some other alternative. And with cryptocurrency exchanges setting their personal fees, the latest fee financial savings haven’t filtered via to users. Since last week, the price was around $10 to withdraw BTC from an exchange inclusive of Kucoin or Binance. Even as the former has yet to decrease its fees, Binance has.

It now prices 0.0005 BTC, or around $5.70 at current costs, to make a BTC withdrawal from Binance. Bitfinex, in the meantime, has slashed a 3rd off its expenses, which now stand at 0.0004 BTC, with the trade mentioning Segwit because of the purpose behind the saving. Kraken has dropped its costs to 0.0005 BTC and has reduced bitcoin cash withdrawals to 0.0001. As a result, it costs around $5.70 to withdraw BTC and 13 cents to withdraw BCH.

Exchanges Are batching hard

There are two reasons added to the reduction in alternate expenses and subsequent savings for their users: Segwit and transaction batching. After Coinbase and GDAX started out rolling out Segwit aid on February 23, adoption came from under 20% of total transactions to over 30%, and it has held constant around that threshold since then. On February 28, a bitcoin block turned into mined containing a record 65% Segwit transaction.

Because of the high range of bitcoin transactions exchanges send, frequently simultaneously, batching has the potential to offer even more cost discounts than Segwit. It’s hard to decide the percentage of transactions that are batched going via available blockchain statistics. It could be deduced, however, that their adoption is on the rise, Coinmetrics states that around $10 billion of BTC a day is presently being despatched, which is the same as November last year. The difference is that then it took 300,000 transactions in keeping with day to reach that number, as opposed to 180,000 now. At 60% of November’s transaction volume, it’s probably that batching is playing an increased function. Shapeshift, which accounts for 2% of all BTC transactions, has confirmed that it’s doing so.

News from Bitfinex, Kraken, and Binance is to be welcomed, the onus is now on other exchanges to follow. Bittrex, for example, currently prices 0.001 BTC ($11.50) for withdrawals, and Coinbase has yet to lower its charges, even though a workaround permits clients to switch their crypto to GDAX without spending a dime and withdraw from there without a price. Other exchanges inclusive of Kucoin have additionally yet to lower their expenses. Nevertheless, tremendous progress has been made because of the beginning of the year which augurs nicely for on-chain bitcoin usage.


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