Is May 14th Is Essential To Cryptocurrency Prices?

In the midst of the crypto market going red in the wake of publicizing bans and government crackdowns, a noteworthy occasion, Consensus will be hosted by Coindesk from May 14, 2018, to May 16, 2018. More than 4,500 attendees will be a part of it including the huge companies, for example, Microsoft, IBM, Procter and Gamble, and Siemens, big investors like CME Ventures, banks, for example, AMRO, ABN, Scotiabank, and Citi, and accountancy firms like EY, KPMG, and PWC.

The event will talk about all things blockchain and in addition digital currencies. An event like Consensus gives the new businesses a chance to meet with the enormous players of various industries. These huge names can transform the digital currency market into the green.

What’s more, this event is co-hosted with the Economic Development Corporation of New York City as the city plans to end up the capital for blockchain as obvious from the statement of city’s senior VP, Anthony Hogrebe:

“The goal is really to plant that flag and send a very clear message that we want to work with you, want to support you, and we ultimately want NYC to be the global capital for blockchain. We think there’s already a tremendous presence here in New York, but it’s also a nascent community. If we don’t plant a flag and make strategic investments, New York could lose that critical mass.”

Retrospecting the impact of a year ago’s Consensus event, it surely affected the digital currency market. The event of 2017 brought about the increase of 26 percent in the aggregate market cap in contrast with 2016’s small 2.7 percent. On the night of the event, the bitcoin price rose to $10,000 and set off the bull run of June.

Throughout the years, the event has turned out to be greater as individuals understand the potential of crypto markets. From 2016’s 1,500 to 2017’s 2,700 attendees, this year the event will be substantially greater with 4,500 attendees.

With 250+ speakers and 4,500 attendees willing to meet up, the event has the credibility to acquire trust and a bullish trend the crypto market space. As the 2017’s Consensus event set off a bullish trend in digital currency, this event will convey positive feelings to the market.


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