Japanese Mobile Game Offering In-Game Bitcoin Rewards

Rush through a dungeon with 3000 underground levels, and get rewarded in bitcoin. Japanese Android and IOS video game. The game we’re referring to here is called Itadaki Dungeon. This is a two dimensional free game with a racecourse full of weapons, special items and finally cryptocurrency rewards.

The developer of the game is atStage Inc., which has been active since 2012. The tech company at the moment has 34 applications in Google Play. It has collected up to 100 thousand installs and three thousand ratings, some of there other well-known games from the developer include Protect the Hero, Tower Defense, Magical Paint, etc. Itadaki Dungeon is one of their most recent releases, that player can earn bitcoin while trying to conquer up to 3,000 levels. The course is in a 2D dungeon-type of background, their players are able to use swords, hammers, or even guns to fight against monsters. As the player keeps on playing through the dungeon, little bits of bitcoin will start to pop up out of nowhere. After collecting the bitcoin, it is added to their collected items. Players of Itadaki Dungeon main goal is to keep the game and acquire as much as they can in bitcoin, the bitcoin rewards, however, come in small volumes of mBTC.

Itadaki Dungeon has a pretty good rating on the Google Play marketplace and IOS app store too. The game is rated 4.1, with some satisfactory reviews where done on the platform also with positive reviews by other companies. They also have other games that are very similar to Itadaki Dungeon like Itadaki Street and Dragon Quest. Developers from atStage Inc. state that; Test your skills in an expansive dungeon with 3000 underground levels.

Itadaki Dungeon is the first game atStage Inc. created that gives out cryptocurrency as rewards after its creation other video games followed its footsteps. One example is Bitcoin Bandit, which was developed by Cheese Cat. Bitcoin Bandit also enables players to earn mBTC through one of the modes within the game which is tournament mode. Here, the amount of mBTC you can be rewarded depends on the ranking of the player in Bitcoin Bandit. Another game that also rewards cryptocurrency is Counterstrike Global Offense, but instead of offering mBTC it offers Digibyte. Others use altcoin networks like Spells of Genesis, a mix of a trading card game, bringing in deck collection and strategy, blockchain assets. Pokekits, a free online Pokémon Bitcoin RPG that adds a BTC faucet to the gaming experience. After completing missions or quests in Pokémon, arenas to earn bitcoin.

Since Itadaki Dungeon is a free game on all online application marketplaces, the mBTC reward is just an attempt to attract players. They only offer in small fractions of mBTC, so being a bitcoin millionaire will take a long time.


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