“Yenom” Bitcoin Cash Wallet Introduced By Japanese Firm Mikan

Interestingly in Japan, the firm referred to as Mikan Co. Ltd, the founder of the Mikan English language app has declared the establishment of the beta-launch of a bitcoin cash (BCH) purposely just for the mobile wallet for IOS and Android.

Bitcoin needs to be part of Culture

In late March, the Tokyo based corporation Mikan had issued a statement declaring, the launching of the beta-launch of a bitcoin cash wallet known as Yenom. In 2014, the Japanese company was founded and it is famously known for its app that explains and teaches English words. Since its first release, the English word application ‘Mikan’ has exceeded over 2 million downloads. Officially, the Yenom BCH has begun its pre-registration and the firm is prepared to invite clients to “engage in the testing of the beta mobile app.”

In addition to the above, the firm has a strong viewpoint that bitcoin should “become part of people’s lives” according to a press release issued by the firm. The app developers are anticipating the application to be simple to comprehend and simple to utilize in contrast to the current applications. The applications ultimate goal is to make the user experience a lot simpler as detailed by Mikan’s wallet declaration.

The Current Money structure, turning over

Yenom was planned and developed to operate alongside bitcoin cash according to the company. The name of the wallet and why it was chosen was also elaborated greater detail by Mikan.  “Money” is the literal translation of “Yenom” went put in the reverse style. The Underlining principle backing this particular name can be described as representing the motives of transforming the current money structure through this particular app, as narrated by Mikan.

In the meantime, the cryptocurrency seems very interesting and exciting but most virtual currencies are purchased and sold with the sole intention of investment, as indicated by Mikan.

However the firm believes the biggest advantage for bitcoin is found, in the range of its “currency” case usage, as well as Mikan expects that this will be accomplished when virtual currency transforms to be a commonplace like conventional currencies. Mikan states that Bitcoin needs to be part of life and continue saying “like water, electricity, and the internet.”


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