Snowden Papers Reveals Bitcoin Users Have Been Tracked By The NSA

To avoid getting inaccurate or mistaken for alternative Jason Bourne movie, the Edward Snowden papers illustrate a US government/bitcoin relationship. The Intercept is reporting confidential documents revealed by Snowden substantiate that the US National Security Agency (NSA) in fact was spying on bitcoin users worldwide, as demonstrated by a report that had appeared from March 2013.

The timing is inquiring, with the ink hardly dry on a decision-making order signed by President Trump to forbid Americans from dealing with Venezuela’s Petro coin.

It does not seem like the NSA was indiscriminately aiming people. They as a minimum seem to have been watching groups that were using the level of unrecognizability permitted by bitcoin dealings for concealed purposes, such as money laundering deeds.

The NSA was apparently able to use the high-tech tools obtainable to the US spy agency to gather and investigate internet statistics, competencies that were boosted by a super software program that safeguarded the identity of users.

Bitcoin was supposedly one of three areas of interest that were being inspected, tallying with Liberty Reserve, which has since been closed amidst money laundering with cryptocurrencies, and one other. Even though bitcoin is not the most unidentified cryptocurrency out there, it was the “No. 1 priority” of the NSA.

Network Access

Whereas the blockchain is an unrestricted ledger, the NSA did not end there. They seemingly got entry to user computer systems, assembling information like passwords, user sessions, and a media access control address.

Precisely, today’s report points to two key Russians implicated as Maduro’s consultants on the Petro, with connections to chief Russian banks and billionaires near to the Kremlin. Denis Druzhkov and Fyodor Bogorodsky were apparently placed in the front row in the presidential palace throughout the much-publicized unveiling of the Petro last month.

The two Russians were also acknowledged by the President ‘for aiding his fight against American “imperialism”’, the report enhanced.

Of the two Russians who also signed agreements with the government to help develop the petro one, Denis Druzhkov, CEO of a company called Zeus Trading, was fined $31,000 and barred from trading for three years by the Chicago



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