Getting Ridiculous Misleading Virtual Currency “Partnership” Announcements

An instrument for pumping altcoins and shilling ICOs have been long been in existence and has been executed in the form of partnership announcement. Evidently, bitcoin supporters are now translating the word widely that if they are utilizing Microsoft word to present a report or Gmail to take care of communication, they might probably indicate that they are also in collaboration with Microsoft and Google. The most notorious illustration of overemphasizing partnerships is the case of IOTA, however, in two fresh contemporary illustrations reveal how the misleading custom is expanding and even developing.

Partnership Carvertical with BMW

On Tuesday, German car manufacturer BMW had come out to make clear that there is no partnership with an ICO project called Carvertical. A claim by the instigators showcases that they have collaborated with the German car manufacturer to become the premier blockchain firm combining link vehicles data onto the vehicle reports system. Nevertheless, BMW elaborated that they are just utilizing a data equipment meant and provided for every individual.

In addition to the above, the ICO company did not only claim to be a victim but emphasise that it was really a partnership, rather than apologizing for the buzz they have created to the extent of its usage of BMW’s data stating “before this FUD came to light, we were blackmailed and asked to pay 5 million cV tokens to someone…When we refused, he and his partners started a coordinated attack…spreading false information.”

If Bagholders pay up, Major partnership will be in the making

The recently cyber-attacked team that did the “privacy coin” Verge (XVG) are not even acknowledging their collaboration with any particular firm. Rather, they are vowing to showcase a “massive” partnership that will be the biggest collaboration in virtual currency up to this moment. They further made emphasize that all that is required is the donation of 75 million XVG by Monday.

In a write-up by the company they have reveal that a multinational corporation with a large network of “high traffic site” is searching to get into the virtual currency sector and build a strategic business collaboration with Verge as the protected payment option, providing a fast and private ways of tradings to a large number of prospective daily consumers. He further sighted that this big opportunity found in the virtual currency sector will represent an international engage that will “compete with multiple fiat currencies”, he stated, “if our goal is met, we will be releasing the name of the company Monday, March 26th, 2018.”



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