Best 5 Mining Pools

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is launching a new cryptocurrency like, every other day but at the end of the day, there are a few that stands out!


Slush is number on the list because it has the biggest number of bitcoin blocks compared to the other 4 on the list. It was launched in the last month in 2010. For the last 5 years, it has generated more than a million BTC coins. Slush has almost nine percent of the BTC coins within the last six months.

It has a pool of hash rate around the ballpark of 2.342 Exahash a second. (EH/s).

4. ViaBTC

Behind Slush, ViaBTC is a diversified pool that gives options to generate different kinds of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, ETH, ZEC, ETC, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash. Again, within these last six months, this mining pool has mined almost 11.5% of the total bitcoin blocks. As of now, its hashrate is at 2.772 EH/s.


It has generated a little over 13% of the total bitcoins within the same timeframe of six months. In August of last year, the pool provided choices to generate Bitcoin Cash (BCC) plus bitcoin. The hashrate is almost at 3100 PH/s, Petahash.


The second-largest mining pool that produced the maximum number of bitcoin blocks after AntPool over the last six months is operated by It mined about 16.5% of bitcoin blocks. The pool was launched in September 2016 and is currently owned by Bitmain Technologies Ltd., the same Chinese firm that operates AntPool. supports full pay-per-share (FPPS) payout process. Proponents claim that’s more beneficial to miners as it calculates and adds a standard transaction fee to the regular block rewards, making the overall payout higher than the standard pay-per-share (PPS) payout. It currently maintains a hashrate of 5.88 Exahash per second (EH/s).

  1. AntPool

And finally, AntPool. It is operated by a privately-owned company named Bitmain Technologies Ltd., based in the Chinese city of Beijing. The company was set up to design new-age ASIC chips that were capable of bitcoin mining.

AntPool has discovered the maximum number of bitcoin blocks, around 18% of the total discovered blocks, making it a consistent top-ranked in the list of mining pools. AntPool’s pool hashrate currently stands at around 3600 Petahash/second (PH/s).


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