Max Keiser Says Bitcoin Cash Missed Satoshi’s Vision

Max Keiser said: “Bitcoin Cash’s narrow focus on transactions ‘gets it wrong’ because money is only a ‘byproduct’ of a much bigger vision.”

Max Keiser, Financial pundit and host of the Keiser Report stated on the Bitcoin scaling debate that focusing on transactions ignore the main reason why the world’s first cryptocurrency was created.

He wrote on Twitter: “Viewing [Bitcoin] narrowly through the lens of ‘transactions’ cuts the guts out of why Bitcoin is turning the world upside down. IMO, this is Satoshi’s Vision. #BitcoinCash gets it wrong on this count. Viewing BTC narrowly through the lens of ‘transactions’ cuts the guts out of why #Bitcoin is turning the world upside down.”

Competing with the likes of Visa or SWIFT in terms of speed, cost or even privacy was not the reason why Bitcoin was created. Bitcoin’sideology is rooted in the Free Software Movement (FSM). Its beginnings can be traced back to the 1970’s.

According to Wikipedia, FSM is described as a “social movement” with the goal of obtaining and guaranteeing certain freedoms for software users; that is the freedom to run the software, to study and change the software and to redistribute copies with or without changes.

Richard Stallman founded this movement in 1983, with the launch of the GNU Project, which was founded on the idea that proprietary software harms users to the benefit of large corporations.

Stallman explains: “The only thing in the software field that is worse than an unauthorised copy of a proprietary program, is an authorised copy of the proprietary program because this does the same harm to its whole community of users, and in addition, usually the developer, the perpetrator of this evil, profits from it.”

Also, Bitcoin is free open-source software that users all over the world choose to run on their computers, where the nodes of the network agree on the current state of the network without any central authority. Network participants hence have the freedom to establish the truth which can be a powerful tool against corruption, oppression, and censorship.

That is to say that free transactions are not as important as the freedom to make any transaction. This is simply because free transactions can be turned off with the flip of a switch at any time by the central authority.

Keiser notes that it’s used as money is actually a byproduct of the much bigger agenda of replacing all software licenses, copyright, parents, and monopolies with free software.

Free software = free thinking.


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