Patron Raises $10M

Patron has resolved its private sale round after efficaciously raising ten million dollars and is now set for its pre-TGE. The event will assist early adopters and contributors to ascertain the platform’s enterprising utility tokens, Patron, with a fifty percentage bonus on each contribution.

Limited to $20M, the event is ending today. It started on the 14th of this month. The reason for this event is to direct it into the platform’s public TGE on tomorrow.

Patron is one of the most critically acclaimed blockchain solution coming from the island country of Japan. Since it is the world’s first influencer platform, Patron will weight blockchain technology to provide a truthfully just, obvious, and protected platform for brands to bond with influencers from any location on the planet.

Influencers will be able to directly connect with brands on its decentralized marketplace. Patron has increased the support of the international community, with aficionados and followers keen to tap into its platform’s way out that permits them to openly exchange values via peer-to-peer channels.

The platform rejects the largest obstacle every influencer is faced with which is visibility. A lot of local influencers are pursued by the difficulty of how to make the most of their exposure to brands in order to secure better pay.

Though, with most conventional platforms providing exclusively to only best influencers who can pay for their ridiculous fees, while local influencers are left empty-handed.

By carrying all engagement to the blockchain and eradicating arbitrators from it through its ground-breaking marketplace, Patron is finally building a cohesive environment for brands and influencers.

According to the platform’s CEO and Founder Atsushi Hisatsumi:

“Influencers have the power to change the world through creativity, art, and expression. The brand has noticed this and is increasingly adding influencer budgets into their marketing campaigns. This has created a situation of supply and demand global market that is currently fragmented.

“We want to bring all of these actions under the Patron platform and make the process fair, transparent, and secure.”

Strengthening its presence on the blockchain, Patron has newly made a series of headlines seizing the community’s attention which include:

Exchange Listing: Patron has said the listing of its token on HitBTC after its key TGE. HitBTC will be the primary exchange to list Patron tokens following the TGE, making immediate liquidity for the tokens.

Road Tour: The team is happy to announce that it will be going to America for interviews by Small Cap Nation and Nasdaq in
Times Square. The team has also been planned to meet with investors and family offices in both the Northeastern city of New York City and the Silicon Valley.

Advisors: Patron has just welcomed Keith Teare who is the former TechCrunch co-founder and David Cohen, the advisor at Hashgraph to its well-known advisory board.

Partnerships: Patron has entered into a partnership with the revolutionary, blockchain-based, crowdfunding platform that is KICKICO.


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