First Crypto-Only Shop Established In New Hampshire

It was an unknown fact that Portsmouth, New Hampshire was a cradle for crypto activities. Well, this might just be the case and it is likely related to the Free State Project (FSP).

Jason Sorens, a Yale doctoral student wrote a topic concerning a secessionist movement of the personal sort. It resulted in studying about 20,000 freedom-loving people to develop a political force in the state of New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die” state.

According to Derrick J. Freeman, “A large portion of the people who moved to New Hampshire in search of freedom are bitcoin users.” He went on to add, “That’s because they know about the Federal Reserve. Once you know about that, and you know there’s an alternative, it’s pretty hard to reconcile your personal responsibility for its perpetuation.”

A well-recognized individual in the FSP, Mr. Freeman went on to state, “Cryptocurrencies affords us the opportunity to not just withdraw our support for values we detest, but to actively support coins whose communities actively embrace certain values we share. It’s amazing, and anyone not yet benefiting from participation in these communities is missing out.”

Established in the Summer of 2017, the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe is operational seven days a week. Regardless of the fact that it is a commercial entity, Mr. Freeman takes into consideration that it is also an educational platform.

“The number one thing we sell is the ‘Bitcoin 101’ class at the Blockchain Institute where people learn how to get a bitcoin wallet, how to send and receive bitcoin, and how to back up their money safely. We also sell bitcoin watches, bitcoin mugs, bitcoin pint glasses, hardware wallets, bitcoin t-shirts, bitcoin socks, bitcoin books, silver rounds, DVDs, enigma machines, books about programming and economics.”

Furthermore, Mr. Freeman noted that the relevance of having a real-world, genuine place where people get to have their questions answered is definitely needed.

“They’ve all heard about it from the news, or a friend, coworker, or family member, and they’re curious. They want to know, ‘Is this thing real? Like, are people actually using it?’ And we get the pleasure of pointing them to our huge map on the wall with flags sticking out at every one of 22 locations that currently accept bitcoin in this town of 22,000. We designed and printed pamphlets that we encourage people to take from a box on our front door. It explains how to get a wallet (of course we recommend wallet right at the top), and a map of the World Famous Bitcoin Tour of Portsmouth (”


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