The New Gatekeepers Of Crowdsales: ICO Trackers

For tracker sites that supervise and review the newest projects, the expanding ICO sector has created vast opportunities for lucrative business. The biggest sites have the authority to create or drop ICO but not just that they gain large rewards for their featured reviews. The informal gatekeepers of crowdsale have become the Tracker websites

Every Day growing stronger, ICO Trackers!

The issue of digital inheritance is being resolved by an ICO, Safe Haven. In attempts to recover the virtual currency wealth of the deceased, the project is finding ways to transferring private keys of the deceased to relatives.

According to “Halfway down the Safe Haven homepage, three logos are displayed prominently, prefaced by the words “As seen in”: ICO Daily, ICO List, and Coin Schedule. It’s the same story with Nauticus, an Australian crypto exchange launching in mid-2018, also via an ICO. It proudly displays the ICO sites it’s featured on and their corresponding ratings out of five: Wiser ICO (4.5), ICO Marks (4.45), ICObench (4.7) and Trudex (4.15)”

In the past year, most of these sites were not in existence. The explosion of ICOs is due to the outbreak of crowdsales too many for any individual to appraise.

As indicated by, “Enter the ICO review site, which does all the hard work so you can tell at a glance which projects have merit and which are best avoided. These sites can be regarded a net good with the potential to cut through the noise and zero in on the best projects. With great power comes great responsibility, and as the leading sites strengthen their grip on the market, they’re torn between trying to fairly review projects while at the same time appeasing the ICOs that have paid for the privilege.”

A suite of analytic tools, provided to investors via ICO Formula

In the past five years ago, Coinmarketcap was a basic virtual currency tracker that observed the prices of the few altcoins presented at that moment. The role of CMC expanded, as the number of coins increased to a point, whereby initial ICOs started listing Coinmarketcap inclusion as well. Since then, a similar tendency happened with ICO rating site, whose logos can be located on the majority of crowdsale websites as of now.

By enabling investors to dive deep without getting their hands dirty, the tools these sites offer are undoubtedly valuable. An array of tools for reviewing crowdsales with regards to their location, blockchain, sector, location, sale type to name a few are offered by the likes of ICO Formula, Coinschedule, Coin Magnet and Tokendata.

Soon to follow is a single column of ICOs that are ending soon known as the ICOclock, a last resort for any individual who is in possession of ether to burn. Certain ones promise to list and assess ICOs at zero fees such as ICO Drops. Some also provide free listings or request a payment of 0.05 BTC for a highlighted assessment, and others request a payment of 2 BTC or more for a complete assessment.

Wrapping up

The explosion of ICO tracking sites was unavoidable, and in spite of their shortcomings, they do a great job of reviewing latest projects. Any individual that is investing seriously in an ICO should identify that there is no replacement for doing your own study.



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