Sparking More Debate, Slush Pool Mines The First Boost Block

Slush Pool, the mining operation declared that it had mine a block with the use of the contentious ASIC Boost protocol and accomplish this throught the usage of a Halong Miner, on March 24. Following the news, the pools announce that it was well-suited with ASIC Boost which only recently ignited an argument.

Using Asic Boost Technology and a Halong Miner, Slush Pool Mines Block 514882

Slush pool have mined a block utilizing ASIC Boost technology, as indicated by a recent declaration over Twitter. They have also noted that by utilizing the Halong mining equipment, they mined block 514882.

Many critics believe that the Halong Mining company and its equipments are fake and made up. Nonetheless, Slush Pool declares that they have an estimate of “16 Th/s” of hashrate by using the device made by the so-called fabricated firm.

“Our block 514882 is the first-ever block mined using the active version-rolling aka overt ASIC Boost” detailed Slush Pool.

As indicated by facts presented, the block 514882 was mined by Halong Mining Hardware explained Slush pool “Congrats to lucky miner from Guangdong, China.

Majority of the bitcoin community and society at large remain critical of the Halong miner company currently due to the fact that the machines are limitedly provided for public assessment. Some even believe that the dragon mint machines are made-up and false. When the company first made declaration of launching, the mining pool head confirm having any partnership with Halong.

Bitmain Hate Continues for Core Followers

The news was a hot topic on social media plaforms such as twitter and Reddit forums, after the announcement was made. Most certainly, bitcoiners were delighted and many seem to lose memory of the “controversy this innovation was in only the past few months.”

The majority of the bitcoin core suppoters noted that they did not like the fact that, BItman used Asic Boost due to the reason that, they might have been mining with it secretly.

Paradoxically, the prove of the protocol being used could not be establish back then due to it being utilize secretly, particularly Bitmain usage of such device. Core followers were excited to witness another competitive activity towards Bitmain.

“Great to see competition in this- Anything that hits Bitmain is good news” elaborated one core proponent.

Another invidual confused by the statement commented that:

Does this affect the Mining Space?

However, Bitcoin cash (BCH) supporters though the enthusiasm from the core proponents was very conflicting from the moment when majority of them refered to ASIC Boost as an “attack or an exploit”.

During that period, numerous spiteful words was said to Bitmain and even leading to an Israeli core supporter to wreck the Bitmain oulets found in the region. Many core supporters believe that the technology “is evil when used secretly” as reported by

In addition, Slush supporters also noted that covert ASIC boost was ot compatible with Segregated Witness (Segwit) which set off another debate at that moment. However, BCH proponents were very doubtful of the declaration and consider the current outcomes to be “hypocritical”.

The use of the ASIC Boost provided to the international field of  mining competition, is still unknown to anyone. ASIC Boost is an approach of optimization that lets operations from mining activities to become more efficient by an estimate of 20-30 per cent.



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