Former CEO Of MT Gox Lands New Job As CTO For Cryptocurrency Firm

In efforts to start over with a clean slate in life, the former CEO of Current redundant exchange Mark Karpeles, reveals that he now holds a new C-level position as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a digital currency firm known as London trust Media. The digital currency technological firm is involve in cryptocurrencies and virtual private network company investment.

CTO at a firm that owns VPN providers such as Private Internet Access

Mark karpeles has assumed a new role with a firm that deals with technology such as virtual private networks (VPN) and cryptocurrencies. Karpeles will be working with a firm known as London Trust Media (LTM) that has possession of VPN providers like Private Internet Access, however, they also invest into digital platforms like Blockexplorer,, Zcash and more. Alongside its recent injection of fund towards virtual currencies and overseeing the world’s largest VPN company, the former Mt Gox Founder will currently work remotely for the Denver-based firm.

Living a paranoid life, Karpeles changes apartment every couple of months in Japan for security reasons. During Interviews in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, he is scared to put his bag down. There is 99 percent chance of Karpeles being convicted for embezzlement charges in Japan. Mr. Karpeles the former CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange may find himself in jail if convicted.

BTC-e and Alexander Vinnik behind a String of attacks that hit MT GOx in 2011

According to Mr. Karpeles, the alleged Alexander Vinnik and the administrators of the Russian bitcoin exchange BTC-e are the orchestrators of the series of attacks that were faced by MT Gox in 2011. In connection with a massive money laundering law enforcement sting, Alexander Vinnik has been arrested and suspected of doing such act in Greece. They were also charged alongside BTC-e in relation to the missing MT Gox Funds.

“What he did, Mt Gox is a victim of this, which means that all creditors are victims of this, and I am too a victim of this” details Karpeles during his most recent interview. Nevertheless, Vinnik has rejected the accusation of being connected to BTC-e and with regards to the Mt Gox investigation, the Russian has not yet been alleged with any relationship with the above mentioned.

Subsequent to Karpeles’ new C-level position for a firm that ventures into cryptocurrency related activities, is his recent announcement with regards to not having a desire to get the potential billion-dollar bankruptcy settlement that he could take over, according to Reddit-Ask-Me Anything (AMA). Karpeles recently stressed that he does not want to be involved in the virtual currency sector event though he accepted a job as the CTO at London Trust Media.


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