Two Bitcoin Cash Hackathons Hosted By Bitbox Project

An interview with Carlos Cardona from the open source Bitbox toolkit project was conducted this week by The two BCH-centric hackathons purpose is to group the bitcoin cash development society to establish innovative applications utilizing the decentralized platform, over the next thirty days.

Bitbox prepares to host two hackathons

Bitbox the open source toolkit project prepares to host two hackathons on the April 21 and on May 15 on the same day as the forthcoming BCH hard fork. Bitcoin as a group of tools that can boost a BCH workflow of a developer says Developer Carlos Cardona. Cardona continues “It consists of a one-click Bitcoin Cash blockchain, command line utility, and a javascript API which lets you accelerate how quickly you can create an amazing application.”

“Emerging platforms need a framework which encapsulates everything the platform offers a suite of building blocks for developers — Bitbox is the toolset which lets you build Bitcoin Cash apps 10x faster.”

The biggest advantage in the ecosystem is to enable developers and quicken their workflow. The developer details to that “If we do that right we can set off the entire.”

One very special Upgrade and two Hackathons

Cardona detailed that the Hackathon will be aimed at on-ramping devs to the bitbox workflow, setting up development environments and networking on Saturday, April 21st. Moreover, May 15th would be the biggest advantage to stimulate the BCH dev community as there will be a great amount of worldwide press available during the event. BCH can begin to distinguish itself, with a lot of creative energy which has been used up subsequently before the fork can start to process in a useful way.

On Tuesday, May 15th the Hackathon will be aimed at displaying the new tools of BCH among the increase 32 MB block size limit, the reactive and latest OP codes (which Cardona has already activated in BItbox) and a bigger OP_Return data size. Currently, for each event, there is a total of two BCH in prizes as reported by The prizes will be as follows: In the first place, one BCH, for the second place 0.5 BCH and for the two runners-up 0.25 BCh each.

Cardona also told that “The Bitbox toolset is a general purpose.” He further continued “If your app needs any type of BCH integration at all from entropy and mnemonics to transactions to signing messages and much more, BITBOX is the solution. We have scaffolds for reacting, angular, nexjt and nodejs which let you bootstrap a basic BIP44 wallet in any of those frameworks in under a minute to help get people up and going.”

According to

Some BCH application/platform ideas:

  • New transaction types. We have new OP codes. What can we do with them?
  • Mobile app for the MemoBCH Protocol. The code is already written for reading/writing to the chain per the MemoBCH protocol.
  • Wallets. Paper wallet generator. Online digital wallets.
  • Games
  • Donation apps
  • More developer tools. For instance, it would be helpful to have a web GUI for the entire BCH JSON RPC similar to this.

The Pace of Innovation on Bitcoin Cash chain is Lightspeed

All the Bitbox features and also additional functionality is going to be displayed after the May 15th upgrade according to the Bitbox developer. Cardona also noted that app scaffolds, a paper wallet generator, and console with the complete API of dozens of utility methods built in are all combination of features offered by the BCH toolset. He also indicated that the toolset already backs the latest OP codes and blog posts are coming in with guidelines, “on how to write custom scripts.”


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