Overview Of Bitcoin This Wednesday

Basically, this Wednesday, Bitcoin, in Brief, is just about the continuous rapid pace at which the cryptocurrency turmoil is affecting every business sector in the world.

A blog post published in adult entertainment industry portal how Brenna Sparks, exotic dancer last featured in the news about Las Vegas where strippers accept bitcoin payments via QR tattoos. She said that method has advantages like privacy, fixing piracy and other issues, and more importantly, it helps people in the business not to pay close to 50 percent the middlemen.

Brenna Sparks wrote: “Every time you perform or make content and distribute it, you’re losing up to half of your earnings to who-knows-what on fees alone…Nothing is more discouraging than to watch yourself give up nearly half of your earnings ‘just because’…Although greed does play a role, what plays an even bigger role is discrimination. The reason this issue exists is that common payment processors like Paypal, Google, Stripe, etc. will not allow you to perform a transaction related to any adult work, and Banks like BofA or Chase will close your account if they suspect you do adult work…Cryptocurrency offers a simple solution – ultra-low fees, no discrimination, and instant transactions anywhere in the world. No bank, company, or government can tell you what you can or cannot use your money on or where you can use it, and no more ultimatums that studios and performers have grown accustomed to.”

In order to improve its business, Facebook has gathered top executives in a team so they can explore the possibility of using the blockchain. The team has at its head David Marcus, who was the former leader of Facebook Messenger until recently appointed to lead the team. Even though the company has not given details on the applications they will be working on, there are some rumors about the possibility of using cryptocurrency for payments via messaging considering the fact that Marcus is the former president of Paypal and is currently a board member of Coinbase.







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