Internet Security Giant 360 Claims Finding Epic Vulnerabilities In EOS Platform, Issue Already Resolved

The Vulcan team of the Chinese internet security giant 360 has found a progression of high-risk security vulnerabilities in the EOS platform. An official blog has been posted on the Weibo that affirms that it has been “verified that some of these vulnerabilities can remotely execute arbitrary code on the EOS node.”

In addition, remote assaults on its blockchain platform can specifically control it and take control over every one of the nodes that are running on EOS coin. As per the post, 360 has effectively reported to the EOS officials.

Additionally, according to the blog,

“The person in charge of the EOS network said that the EOS network will not be officially launched until these issues are fixed.”

The blog additionally clarifies that these vulnerabilities can be exploited to cause security and information leaks alongside cyber-attacks.

Discussing the criticality of the situation, it states as a result of the node framework being totally controlled, the assault can “do whatever it wants”. This could be controlling the transaction on EOS network, procuring privacy information like user’s key thus considerably more.


“the attacker can turn a node in the EOS network into a member of a botnet, launch a cyber attack or become a free “miner” and dig up other digital currencies.”

As indicated by the local Chinese media source, the issue has been settled as expressed:

“EOS network is being repaired. Around 2 o’clock on the 29th, EOS has completed repairs.”

This news made a commotion on the Reddit, as individuals commenting it to be a FUD. One Redditor tianyangj stated:

“I just checked EOS Github issues and I don’t see any mentions of this bug. How did the 360 team submit their issue and who did they submit to?”

However, some took it in a positive way as ypp expressed,

“I think there is no cause for panic – if there is indeed a legitimate security concern, it is fortunate that they found about it before the mainnet launch. I’ll keep holding my EOS as usual and just wait for’s official response.”

Another Redditor, sc1zi shared:

“I think this is a good thing that Chinese firm help Block. one found the possible serious bug. And if this is true, I am confident that Dan’s team will fix it soon. Let’s wait for Dan’s response.”

Dennison Commented:

“So now they go and fix it so it’s not an issue….good to know, but that’s what makes open source great.”

Though there is no official confirmation yet, for the delayed MainNet Launch, tokyo_on_rails, commented:

“Please delay as much as necessary to avoid a catastrophic launch that will damage the entire industry. All chains must work together to avoid disaster, rather than race each other to finish lines.”
At this moment, EOS price is riding at $11.26 registering the loss of about $6.73 percent over the most recent 24 hours.


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