Peer Mountain Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) -Worlds Largest Open-Source Blockchain Initiative

The EEA has various individuals in an assortment of businesses everywhere throughout the globe. Entrenched businesses, for example, BBVA, Mastercard, Microsoft, ING, Shell and UBS all work with the EEA to perceive how the advantages of blockchain and Ethereum can help them as a business. These customary enterprises, joined with new age blockchain based business resembles Monaco, Bancor, Consensys, DASH, and ZCash will help the EEA to additionally build up the advantages of blockchain in the work environment.

As an individual from the EEA, Peer Mountain will work with industry pioneers in a quest for Ethereum-based undertaking innovation best practices, open principles, and open-source reference models.

Companion Mountain CEO and Founder Jed Grant says:
“Membership in the EEA will help boost development of our enterprise-ready cross-chain protocol that connects SSID holders with businesses, enabling scalable blockchain commerce. We look forward to contributing to the EEA’s collective expertise. Working closely with our fellow alliance members, we hope to accelerate enterprise-level adoption of blockchain technology and enable our clients to deliver innovative solutions to their customers.”

The EEA’s business centered, membership working group are each entrusted with making and conveying particular headways to the advancement and utilization of Ethereum-based advances. With an immense number of individuals in changing parts and enterprises, the EEA’s work will assist businesses with understanding, how the selection of blockchain can profit them.

Peer Mountain’s enrollment declaration sees them join a large group of very much regarded and inventive businesses, promoting the advancement of blockchain keeping in mind the end goal to see it executed into the regular world.

Associate Mountain is simply the cross-blockchain convention that interfaces sovereign ID holders with businesses, empowering trade at scale. It is the main decentralized character network that gives businesses moment financially savvy administrative consistency, places individuals responsible for their secured individual data, and pays ID verifiers for their dependability. Companion Mountain is working with a noteworthy Swiss financial organization to build up its platform, which it will take off to 12 million Swiss and German end clients before the finish of 2019. For more data, please join the talk in the Peer Mountain Telegram gathering.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is an industry-upheld, not-revenue driven set up to fabricate, advance, and extensively bolster Ethereum-based innovation best practices, open benchmarks, and open-source reference structures. Shaped not long ago, the EEA is advancing Ethereum into a venture review innovation, giving research and improvement in a scope of regions, including protection, classification, versatility, and security. The EEA is also exploring half and half designs that traverse both permission and open Ethereum networks and in addition, industry-particular application layer working gatherings.


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