Yes Crypto For Marvel And The Simpsons

Especially if mainstream portrayals of cryptos are any indication, crypto is established for yet another banner year. In an attempt to attract some of the excitement concerning money’s future, The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Marvel’s Comics’ Hunt for Wolverine-Adamantium Agenda #1 video games are both working in references to cryptocurrency into their respective storylines and quests.

Crypto and The Simsons

For years now, mobile games have been the rage and a very popular choice within the so=called freemium games is The Simsons: Tapped Out. The Third minor event this year is known as Who Shot Mr. Burns, Part 3 (2018), and is the 35th minor event in the game’s history, In the world of the game itself. It follows subsequently after The Springfield Jobs Event which concludes in just a couple of days. The first quest in the series is the Crypto Cool which is a limited-time quest-line.

As usual, Crypto Cool commence with Homer being unserious with his nuclear power plant job and instead of working playing games on his tablet. Never explaining exactly what it is talking about, Players are t keep the nerdy character Martin talking about blockchain, mentioning it a zillion times. Martin admits he’s only heard of blockchain “last week. But now I act like I’m an expert on it”, echoing a very real occurrence in the current ecosystem, at a key point in the game.

Owned by EA mobile, The Simsons: Tapped Out has been around for over half a decade, and also it is available in iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Due to in-game purchases as players attempt to progress, the game seems to print cash, having to earn much more than a $100 million. Martin references the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin and at another point in the game.

Adamantium Agenda #1- Hunt for Wolverine, Marvel Comic

The Hunt for Wolverine-Adamantium Agenda #1 assumes bitcoin as a universal power delivery system often used by robots because it is ruled by math and its distributed ledger tech is immutable. Moreover, Tony Starks needs to make payments, without giving too much away, at one point in the game. He will use the usual unmarked cash, considering the type of characters he is dealing with, it is assumed, instead, he should utilize cryptocurrency, this time around. Tony Stark has a hilarious response, making reference to crypto’s “risky” reputation.

Both Marvel and The Simpsons have tremendously climbed, from average gaming Joes to nerds perhaps more incline toward crypto. Helping to ease fears and dispels mystery surrounding decentralized money is any push in the Mainstream cultures which can only be a positive outcome.


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