Exodus To Be Launched By HTC As Its Own Cryptocurrency-Focused Smartphone

Now on its way to the market is a second cryptocurrency backed smartphone establish by a top electronics manufacturer with HTC entering the race. In enabling features such as hardware wallets into phones to assist rise revenue among more tech-savvy consumer, this could be a start of a trend followed by all device makers.

From Fiat to Crypto, Exodus

High tech Computer Corporation or HTC (TWSE: 2498), a Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturer, will launch its own cryptocurrency-centered smartphone. The firm has declared it is building a “blockchain-powered”  hardware that will be grounded on Google’s Android operating system which will be called Exodus.

The device is foreseen to consist of a universal wallet and a “built-in secure hardware enclave” backing dapps (decentralized application) and cryptocurrencies. In addition, HTC has been reported to establish its own network with each device, acting as a node to provide trading on it.  The company is assessing the potential of making the sale of the device in virtual currencies also finally. Phil Chen who is in charge of the advancement told Thenextweb that they would desire to back the whole blockchain sector and in the following couple of months, they will be declaring much more interesting collaboration with them. He further continues by saying that “Through Exodus, we are excited to be supporting underlying protocols such as Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and more,” As reported by NewsBitcoin.com

Killer App as Cryptocurrency support

Despite creating some great devices, you must know that HTC has not been doing well in recent years, if you were following the electronics market. It is possible to picture the firm siding with virtual currencies to give it are a more exciting brand to capture privacy-minded youths, as well as the more tech-savvy crowd, in that context. However, before HTC, other companies have explored the field and it is likely thus, that many more will feature built-in cryptocurrency support in their device soon.

Technical details concerning Sirin Finney, a top protected mobile hardware vowing to store cryptocurrency transactions private which was reported earlier this month. The device will include a fixed cold storage wallet, and the same firm that builds the iPhone, Foxconn will build it. The Chinese smartphone maker Huawei was rumored to be in serious discussions with SIrin Labs concerning the device as well back in March of this year, as reported by NewsBitcoin.com.


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