In Brazil, Large Passenger Bus Companies Start Allowing Three Cryptocurrencies

In Brazil, two large passenger bus companies have begun allowing cryptocurrency payments for ticket sales.  The firm reiterates that it is the premier company in its industry to permit payments via cryptocurrency in the country. One stresses that they have the latest and up-to-date fleet in the country and the other one has more than 800 buses.

Three virtual currencies

Under the GBS Group, two public transportation companies have chosen to allow cryptocurrency payments. On June 6, Brasil Sul and Viacao Garcia had both started allowing BTC payments for online ticket sales. Already been added to their websites is the crypto payment option.

The firm made it clear, it is the first group passenger transport to accept virtual currency payments, in the country, stating also that, by July, two other cryptocurrencies will be accepted: bitcoin cash and litecoin, whilst in the meantime, the group opted initially to use bitcoin(BTC), the most popular virtual currency on the market today, as reported by

In 1934, Viacao was established. Its website claims that currently, the company is part of one of the five largest passenger transport company in Brazil. The firm states, “the modern fleet of more than 800 buses run 5.5 million kilometers per month”, according to At the same time, Brasil Sul’s website states that the company “has the newest and most modern fleet in Brazil”, according to

Buy tickets using cryptocurrency

The process for paying for a ticket via cryptocurrencies is detailed on their websites that, “when choosing the bitcoin [payment] option, the client should open their wallet and scan the code that appears on the site screen”, as elaborated by After the customer confirms the order, the purchase is completed.

Both firms similarly noted, that the voucher will be sent to the client’s email address for payment confirmation and the shipment, as indicated by

Additionally, emphasizing that “the transport sector could not be left behind”, GBS vice president Extefano Boiko Junior indicated that the rest of the company’s operations can also be carried out with virtual currencies, Cripto Tendacias narrated and reported by The GBS vice president was also noted saying that numerous economic and commercial operations are moving to the digital world and the sector of passenger transport by road could not be different, according to He was also quoted by Cripto Tendacias saying that, “Cryptocurrencies represent changes in financial relationships. They facilitate purchases online”, as reported by


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