Mona Lisa Painting to be placed on the Blockchain Thanks to ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’

Bitcoin’s main designer Peter Todd defended Blockchain art startup Verisart against Terence Eden June 13 after assertions the company believed he had painted the Mona Lisa.

In a Twitter talk, Todd asserted Eden, who as of now runs Open Standards for the UK Government Digital Service (GDS), “misjudged what Verisart is” after the company transferred the celebrated painting to the Blockchain with Eden as the maker.

Verisart started exchanging 2015 and depicts itself as “applying blockchain technology to combine transparency, anonymity, and security to protect your records of creation and ownership.”

“Verisart is a tool to collect and timestamp evidence, not an authoritative blockchain; his Mona Lisa claim is obvious fraud [without] evidence,”
Todd composed.

Eden had initially distributed subtle elements of his exploration of different avenues regarding Verisart in a blog entry on June 12.

Purportedly, Verisart had required just “an email address” and “a photograph of the Mona Lisa from Wikipedia” as “confirmation” he had painted it.

“I don’t comprehend the blockchain publicity,” Eden in this manner composed on Twitter.
“A startup has certified my artwork & placed their verification on the bitcoin blockchain. Now art dealers & auctioneers can feel secure that I am the original artist. One small problem… I am not Leonardo da Vinci”!

Blockchain’s capacity to take care of the craftsmanship deals process have shaped the focal point of a developing number of business activities as of late, with prominent plans focusing on the higher classes of the authority world.

Scrutinizing Eden in the interim, Todd in any case recommended the genuine estimation of Blockchain at Verisart lay past the advantages Eden asserted did not exist.

“What Verisart’s tech – specifically [open timestamps] – prevented… [Eden] creating backdated evidence. If he tried to forge that evidence, it’d still show up as being created recently, and thus be suspicious,” he proceeded.
“That simple guarantee is a big improvement over the status quo”


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